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ESOL Bridge to Health Careers

Language Preparation/Job Training Course



The course is designed for high level *English language learners who are interested in exploring healthcare career options and transitioning to further training. The course has three goals:

1) To give students advanced English language preparation training

2) To introduce students to health issues and health careers

3) To support students’ transitions to more health training or college  


Start Date: February 2021           

Length of Course: 16 Weeks

Monday - Friday 8:45 am - 1:30 pm


Participants in this program will:

  • Participate in comprehensive and health-related reading, writing, listening, speaking and math activities designed to improve their skills both inside and out of class.  

  • Improve their academic and professional English and math in order to meet the demands of the healthcare labor market.

  • Learn and explore the various health issues that affect their communities.

  • Explore the field of health care to determine which health careers students are best suited for.

  • Learn important health care and career work-related vocabulary and concepts.

  • Receive career-readiness training to pursue their career goals and determine their next steps.

  • Receive assistance in applying for certification and training programs as well as college if/as appropriate

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Community Health Worker Training Program



Community Health Workers (CHWs) help members of the community stay healthy by supporting them to navigate the healthcare system and obtain access to healthcare; and by providing community members with needed health education and referrals to needed health and social services.

Our free Community Health Worker Training Program (CHW) is for highly-dedicated BILINGUAL students with *Advanced English language skills. This course will provide participants with the community health information and job skills needed to begin and build careers as Community Health Workers.

* Note:This is an intensive course that requires Advanced or Fluent English reading, writing and speaking skills due to the difficult content and English communications skills needed for employment post training. 


  • Certificate in Mental Health First Aid

  • OSHA 10-hour General Industry

  • 3 OSHA Sponsored Health & Safety Trainings

  • S.B.I.R.T (Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment)


Start Date: February 2021         

Length of Course: 8 Weeks  Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 02:30 pm ( 8 weeks) + 135 hour internship


Note: The 135 Hour Internship schedule varies, students typically complete it in an additional  8 weeks after they finish the course. 


*Completion of course and internship are required in order to be awarded a final certificate of program completion. 


Participants in this program will :

  • Learn Community health Workers skills such as outreach, informal counseling, health education training and will gain an understanding of  public health and the health care system in the U.S

  • Get a basic orientation on a variety of health topics through our health specialties and Health and Safety Trainings        

  • Learn how to use technology in community health work

  • Complete a 135 hour internship in a hospital, clinic or community based organization    

  • Receive healthcare career counseling and placement support

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What is a Community Health Worker?

A Community health worker or (CHW) is a member of a community who is chosen by community members or organizations to provide basic health and medical care within their community. Community Health Workers are capable of providing preventive, promotional and rehabilitation care to their communities.

Community health workers contribute to community development and can help communities improve access to basic health services. They are most effective when they are properly trained to provide information and services to the community. Community health workers are the most promising form of delivering health services to resource-constrained areas. They are seen as secondary health services in most low-income areas and are available as a service to the community.

Community Health Worker: opportunities after graduating

  • Care Coordinator

  • Addiction Treatment Specialist

  • Case Worker

  • Asthma Educator

  • Community Follow-Up Worker

  • Asthma Family Support Worker

  • Community Health Adviser

  • Case Management Technician

  • Community Health Advocate

  • Diabetes Family Support Worker

  • Community Health Outreach Worker

  • HIV/AIDS Family Support Worker


Our Team


Health Job Training Program Coordinator

Lynda coordinates the Health Job Training Programs connecting schools, libraries, and non-profits so that all communities know they have the opportunity to build skills to succeed. Nothing brings more joy than seeing a room full of people from different cultures sharing and helping one another out. Catch her teaching Mindful Mondays Yoga to the Bridge class ! 



Bridge Instructor

A lover of travel and languages, Don has lived in many countries throughout the world.  His passion for languages and teaching is what led him to become an English teacher.  With over 20 years of experience, Don is a seasoned teacher with a strong commitment to his classes and his students



Admin Assistant​

Adrian is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. He is passionate about social justice and helping out our communities. He serves as a first contact to our programs and helps applicants navigate through the application process.



Program Coordinator

Maiber Solarte is a Licensed Master Social Worker, who currently coordinates the Community Health Worker Training at Make the Road NY. She migrated from Colombia in 2004. Since then, she has worked as an advocate, educator, clinician and care coordinator for individuals, families and under-served communities in New York City.


MONICA VILLALBA- Community Health Worker​

Monica Villalba has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, with more than 20 years of experience of social work with multi diverse population in the United States as well as in Colombia her native country. Monica has a national certification as a Wellness and Health Coach that allows her to work with patients with Chronic Health conditions. She was part of the first CHW class at Make the Road New York in 2012, she is now co-facilitating  and assisting the Community Health Worker Program. Her commitment and passion to work with under- served communities to help them improve their living conditions across New York.



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Internships Obtained


Students who Graduated




“In Ecuador I was a Pediatric Surgeon. Here in NY , I want to contribute to the care and improvement of my community. I took my first step towards my goal by enrolling in the Bridge to Health Careers Program and then entered  the Community Health Worker Training Program. I completed my internship at RiseBoro participating with their free community health and wellness program which helps families to have access to healthy food, recreational activities and the healthcare system. Now I'm working as an Asthma Educator at RiseBoro”  


—  Guillermo Nath, Fall 2018 Class

Meet Maria Isabel

1. Tell me about your life before you took the training at Make the Road?
Before the training at Make the road I was a house wife, raising my two daughters and working part-time as a house keeper for 17 years. 

2. Tell us about the certifications you completed and what you learned in the class?
During the trained I received a certification in OSHA, mental health first aid and Nutrition and Health workshop services. I learned about a variety of different topics, such as asthma, basic nutrition and, obesity. I also broadened my skills in Microsoft Office, specifically PowerPoint. 

3. What was your internship experience like?
My internship experience at SACCS was spent working with the healthcare team and the family support group. I was mainly translating Spanish to English to help people looking for services communicate better. 

4. What happened after your internship? (you got a job! ) 
After my internship I was offered a full-time position at SACCS. 

5. The CHW training curriculum includes workshops on occupational health and safety, such as OSHA 10, Infectious Disease and Disaster Resiliency. What are some tools you learned in those workshops that you are able to use now in your job? (when working with low-wage immigrant workers who are exposed to occupational hazards that can cause health problems)

I was able to learn a lot at Make the Road and they have helped in a majority of ways. I am now able to be more efficient when finding and looking for resources and educating the community about pressing issues. 

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